3 Part Mold Baby Pig For Smash Cake - 10203 +

Please note, exposure to extreme temperatures (cold or hot) may cause the mould to warp or crack.

Cavities: 2

Size: 115 x 82 x Height: 24

Instructions for use the Special Chocolate Molds

1-      Melt and temper the chocolate. Pour the chocolate into the mold up to the mark on each cavity. Lightly tap the mold on a flat surface to remove any air bubbles

2-      Right after, fit the two parts in (acetate mold and silicone film) giving it a bit of pressure until the chocolate fills the cavity

3-      Turn the mold upside down and use your fingers to lightly press around each cavity

Place it in the fridge until the chocolate sets and peels off the mold (about 10 minutes)

4-      Take the mold from the fridge and carefully remove the silicone film, your Chocolate is ready.

Imported from Brazil

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