Super Black Soft Gel Paste from Americolor +
This company is known for having the world's finest food colouring. 
Don't let the small size of these bottles fool you, a little goes a long way! 
Packaged in conveniant squeeze bottles with a flip top.
By mixing and measuring using "drops" of Soft Gel Paste, you can achieve precise, easy-to-repeat colors every time.
  • It's consistent from batch to batch
  • The soft gel paste will withstand the harsh freeze/thaw cycle without colours bleeding
  • It has coloring strength superior to any other food color
  • It will not separate or weep and does not harden
  • The base ingredients allow the color to disperse immediately so you actually use less color
  • It will color the more delicate non-dairy whipped icings and toppings without breaking them down

You can color: bread dough, cookie dough, cake batter, whipped toppings and icings, buttercream icing, royal icing, rolled fondant, gum paste, marizpan, compound coating and white chocolate (with addition of Flo-Coat)

0.75 oz/21 gram squeeze bottle


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