Metallic Airbrush Colours - 55ml Fuchsia +
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The Magic Colours Metallic Airbrush Colours are also great for brush painting and for creating shimmer leaf, home made edible luster leaf or glitters

Originally designed for Airbrushing, Magic Colours™ Metallic Airbrush Colours have great smooth consistency for astonishing effects on Sugar paste, Marzipan, Chocolate, Wafer paper, Creams, Icings and various types of confections.

  • Concentrated Multi-purpose Liquid food colour for Cake Decoration
  •  Fast drying and easy to clean with hot water or Alcohol
  • Achieve different results-from covering a cake with thin colour layer to painting as creative as you desire without using an airbrush
  • For external painting (do not knead into paste), 1st layer will be thin, after 1st layer dries, you can add the 2nd for better results- Dont OVERSPRAY- colors may run
  • For covering,use large brush or sponge, and lightly tap on the paste (brush gently).Wet glaze will disappear after drying.1-2 hours.
  • Clean Airbrush after each use.

Kosher Parve
100% Edible
Vegan Friendly
Gluten Less than 20ppm
No Added Sugar

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