Frosty Friends Popsicle Mold +
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Ice Lolly Mould Ever get the feeling someone’s watching you?

Your little ones will be excited to see their popsicles turn into little animated figures with popsicle heads using these clever Frosty Friends popsicle moulds from the innovative minds at Mustard.

Easy to use, you'll have a fun time preparing these home-made treats with the little ones.  

Frosty Friends make popsicles with eyes that look at you with every lick - clever moulds that put a friendly face in every lolly.

Tryjuice, fizzy drinks, ice cream, or even yogurt to entertain the kids, or something a little stronger if you’re eyeing up ways to make the perfect party popsicle.

One that gets everyone looking twice.

Food grade; Freezer safe;

Wash before use Lolly mould with attachable eyes.

Makes 3 lollies,

Re-usable sticks Size: 174.0 mm (w) x 120.9 mm (h) x 33.8 mm (d)

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