Fondust Chocolate Brown 4gr +
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4 Gr 100% Edible

The powder colour can also be mixed with clear alcohol or lemon juice for use with an airbrush.

Product of Canada 

FONDUST™ is a hybrid food colour specially designed to release colour with extra low moisture food products.

The line includes 36 colours and they all meet FDA and Health Canada standards for food colouring.

Most colours meet Europe and UK standards, except the ones containing Red 3 (E127), which is indicated on the label. FONDUST™ is easy to use.

You just need to knead up to 3 grams per 1 Kg of fondant to get the maximum colour hue (1). The quantity may be different when used in other food products.

FONDUST™ does not add any bitter taste, whatever the amount added. FONDUST™ does not stain fingers, as long they are dry. FONDUST™ allows super dark colours like black, red, blue and brown but also vibrant orange, green, pink and violet.

FONDUST™ will colour fondant, gumpaste, marzipan, royal icing, buttercream, cake batter, macarons, piping gel, candy, pulled and blown sugar, etc….but not chocolate. FONDUST™ resist colour fading better compare to gel and paste colour (2). FONDUST™ can be airbrushed with clear spirit. With FONDUST™, no more need to purchase pre-coloured food products.

FONDUST™ can replace gel colour, paste colour, candy colour, liquid colour for sugar, colour for macarons, etc. FONDUST™ is the universal colouring system you were waiting for.

(1): Commercial food products containing Titanium Dioxide (white colour) may require more FONDUST™ to reach the maximum colour hue

(2): Fading is caused by UV light on food colour. All colours will eventually fade. Most gel and paste colours are in an acidic solution at a PH bellow 5. FONDUST™ contains no acid or preservative. When food colour is exposed to an acid with a PH bellow 5, some colours become unstable, making them fade faster when exposed to UV light. If you experience excessive fading with FONDUST™, look at the ingredients of the food product to see if an acid is present. With FONDUST™, dark colours will resist fading better than with other food colours.

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