Edible 'Moroccan Flame' Flower Petal Mix 100g +
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Use our edible 'Moroccan Flame' Orange Marigold (Calendula), Red Rose and Blue Cornflower dried natural flower petals to create a unique finish to a variety of dishes both savoury and sweet.

We create our own edible dried natural flower petal mixes to enhance your culinary creations.

Each natural petal blend is prepared with petals from our trusted suppliers and are mixed and packed by hand by our wonderful team in Dorset.

Our edible petals often used to add the wow factor in cake decoration.

Alternatively, try sprinkling on salads, soups or savoury dishes to add colour and texture.

Also try adding a sprinkle in your cocktails, mocktails, shakes or hot drinks.

Our edible flower petal mix is packed in airtight, light resistant, resealable & recyclable bags that allow some of the petals to be used while the remainder can be kept for a minimum of 6 months if stored in cool, dry and dark conditions.

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