Little Biskut Jeans Cutter & Debosser Set +

This 2 piece set includes folded jeans cookie cutter, matching fondant debosser.

Cutter measures 70mm wide x 70mm high.

Mix and match your birthday themes with our mini cutters and debossers designed to fit our Blank One and Two sets.

Made from Australian approved food grade standard PLA which us a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable resources.

Product should be HANDwashed only in warm soapy water and NEVER in a dishwasher. Cutter and stamps should be kept away from heat.

Hand wash only, keep below 50 degrees/c (122 degrees/f)

 *All designs are Copyright protected and can not be copied.

Designs have either been designed by Custom Cookie Cutters or commercial licences have been purchased by the original designer.

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