SweetCut Self Healing Mat (Non stick for fondant) +
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The SweetCut self healing cutting mat is non-toxic so you can use it confidently with sugarpaste, gumpast, wafer paper, edible icing sheets and more.

The cutting mat has white grid lines and angles on the front and handy circle and oval measurements on the back of the mat to help consistently create the same size circles, useful for modelling and flower making.

Measurements are printed on the mat in both inches and centimetres.

Self healing means that knives and metal cutters will not damage the mat.

Cutting on this mat will prolong the life of knives, scalpels and cutters as they are cutting into or on this self healing surface.

The SweetCut mat is made from a thick, heavy duty material that is very long lasting.

Simply wash with wash soapy water after each use to remove any sugarpaste residue. 

Dimensions 30cm x 45cm

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