Sale Display Your Way™ Customizable Cake Pedestal +

What an adorable way to display your treats!

The Display Your Way Customizable Cake Pedestal allows you to match any party décor or cake using one pedestal.

Its customizable center and easy-to-decorate base make it a must-have party accessory that can take you from the 4th of July to Christmas with a little accessorizing.

•The Display Your Way Customizable Cake Pedestal matches any party décor.

•Use fun accents like photos, fabric, postcards and other decorations to get creative and match all of your parties throughout the year.

•The easy-to-decorate stand features a removable clear plate, so that you add a decorative 12 in. cake board.

•Plus, add decorative ribbon, tulle and tape to the base to tie it all together.

The center of your pedestal features a clear display base that lifts out, so you can add a decorative 12 in. cake board.

Or, get crafty and add matching fabric, candies, photos, postcards, burlap or other decorations.

The protective display plate keeps your cake plate clean, so you can re-use it again and again.

Add decorative details to the sides with craft paper tape, thin ribbon, fabric strips or tulle to decorate the base.

Assembled: 7.75 in. high x 13.25 in. dia. (19,6 cm x 33,6 dia. cm).

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