Rosette Ruffle Simpress Silicone Mold by Marvelous Molds +
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Decorated cakes with a fondant rose ruffle style have been wildly popular for years and are most commonly seen pictured in bride & wedding magazines and at cake decorating competitions. Cake decorators and the general public alike love this frilled flower, sugar ruffle style but there is just one big problem, they are really difficult and time consuming to make. As a result, having a rose ruffle cake made can be an expensive proposition, if you can find someone with the skill level to produce it.

 Truthfully, we at Marvelous Molds have wanted to make a sugar ruffle mold like this for years, but we just felt that it was impossible. How in the world could we ever duplicate the frilled ribbon flower effect used to create this graceful rosette pattern and have it unmold easily without ripping or distortion? The answer is that we have consistently gotten better at designing our products after years of creating molds for the best and most discriminating cake decorators around the world. We have applied what we have learned to create this all new Simpress™ silicone mold that creates perfectly formed rosette ruffle panels in fondant, gumpaste, modeling chocolate, marzipan and any other rolled icing. Now it is possible to make rose ruffle cakes at will and it only takes minutes instead of the hours spent making this cake the traditional way.

A stunning finish can be achieved by airbrushing with a metallic color or spraying with sparkle dust.

Measures approximately 4 x 6-1/4 inches and is made of food grade, high quality silicone.

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