JEM Sultane Decorating Tip 907 (Set of 2) +
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Pipe the perfect daisies, sunflowers and gerberas with this sharp defined star shaped piping tip from PME.

Made from seamless stainless steel, and including two sizes, this set of piping nozzles will allow you to create flower designs that are ideal for decorating cupcakes and cookies.

What's Included?

1 x 22T Piping Nozzle (External 20.5mm x 18 Stars)
1 x 23T Piping Nozzle (External 30.1mm x 24 Stars)

For best results, we recommend holding the piping bag in a vertical position, just above the surface, and apply an even pressure. Twisting the tube whilst piping will create a curved star/petal shape.

✔ Can be used with Large Fabric and or Disposable Piping Bags
✔ Can be used without an adaptor

Once finished, fill the centres with jams, jelly, fruits or sugar sprinkles for added flavour!

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