Dust Pump Small

This first of it’s kind pump dispenser allows you to quickly and evenly apply our various dusts; ..


Alphabet Chocolate Mold 1"

Each piece is 1" x ¾" x ⅛"26 cavities per mold.This mold makes approximately 145 pieces pe..


Anchors Chocolate Mold

            Each anchor piece is 2" x 1½" x ¼..


Ballet Shoes Chocolate Mold

            Each piece is 1⅞" x 1¼" x ½"This ..


Birthday Letters 1¼" Chocolate Mold

Each piece is 1" x 1¼" x ¼"26 cavities per mold.This mold makes approximately 70 pieces per pou..


Birthday Letters 2" Chocolate Mold

Each piece is 2" x 1⅝" x ⅛"13 cavities per mold.This mold makes approximately 90 pieces per pound of..


Black Colored chocolate (Yummy Chocolate taste)

 This Chocolate is a delicious, smooth and creamy vanilla flavored confectionary candy coa..


Blue Colored Chocolate

This Chocolate is a delicious, smooth and creamy vanilla flavored confectionary candy coating with n..


Blue Edible Glitter Squares (7 gr)

Edible Glitter adds a glimmering touch to treats. Perfect for use on iced cakes, cupcakes and co..


Boo-Boo Stick

A must-have for any cookie decorator. It helps when you make little decorating mistakes ..


Bottle Mold 3D Champagne (Hard Candy)

Each bottle is 7" x 2" x 1" 2 cavities per mold. This mold is not used for can..


Bowl Scraper

3-3/4"x 5-3/4" Flexible yet sturdy plastic. Works well for scraping counters clean, cleaning..


Bright Sequins Edible Confetti, 2.4 oz.

Bright Edible Confetti, 2.6 oz.Celebakes® Sprinkles make decorating your cakes, cupcakes and cooki..


Candy Eyeballs - Sugar Eyes (Random Colors)

Perfect additions to faces on pops, cookies, cupcakes and more. More than 100 pieces - different s..


Celebakes Crystal Clear Write-On Gel, 1.5 oz

Celebakes® Write-On Gel makes sweet treat decorating simple and fun! This ready-to-use gel comes i..


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