Alice Set Silicone Mold

This cute collection of 5 moulds will be perfect for creating Alice in Wonderland themed cupcakes an..


Alphabet Tiles Silicone Mold

This set of 3  Alphabet tile moulds  (a,b and c) measure approx 2cm each and are the per..


Ballet Tutu & Pumps Silicone Mold

This 2 piece set of moulds is perfect for your little girl cupcakes and cookiesImported from UK..


Bow - Medium Silicone Mold

The Medium Bow mould measures approx 4.75 x 3.25cmImported from UK..


Bunnies Silicone Mold

Another cute addition to our Easter Collection is the Bunnies Mould Measures :- Standing Bunny ..


Chalkboard Silicone Mold

A mini chalkboard mould with a wood grain effect surround.  The finished piece measures approx ..


Chloe Embossing Silicone Mold Mat

The mat measures approx 88mm diameter and is perfect for cupcakes and cookies To achieve the Fake L..


Crayon Silicone Mold

The 2D Crayon Mould measures approx 5cm long and is perfect for many children’s themed cupcakes incl..


Dreamcatcher Embossing Silicone Mold Mat

This Embossing Mat has been so named as it reminded me of those beautiful fluttery lace Dreamcatch..


Eiffel Tower Silicone Mold

The Eiffel Tower Mould is the perfect size for cupcakes and cookies measuring approx 4.5cmTo create ..


Elephants - Nursery Set of 2 Silicone Mold

Our Nursery Elephants moulds really are just too cute. They will make the perfect addition to your c..


Fiesta Set with Llama Silicone Mold

This fun set of 4 moulds is great for Fiesta and Llama themed cupcakes and cookies . Set includes L..


Flamingo Silicone Mold

How cute is our Flamingo Mould ???? The perfect size for your Tropical themed cupcakes, cookies, and..


Grass Skirt - Hawaiian Silicone Mold

Perfect for your Tropical or Lua themed cupcakes, cookies and confections . The Grass Skirt Mou..


Malli Embossing Silicone Mold Mat

Introducing the stunning Malli (meaning flower) Embossing Mat  The mat measures approx 88mm di..


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