Candy Thermometer Taylor Classic

Taylor Classic Candy-Deep Fry Thermometer Large, easy-to-read temp zones Insulated handl..


Citric Acid (3.4 oz)

A natural fruit acid added to hard candy and creams. Citric acid will enhance the taste of all LorAn..


Gummy Droppers - 4 Pack

Our Gummy Droppers (4 Pack) will help bring all of your gummy candies to life. It's SO EASY to ..


Gummy Mix

LorAnn’s Gummy Mix will become your new favorite way to make fruity and eye-catching gummy candies...


Hard Candy Mix

The easiest way to hard candy!  Just add water and your favorite LorAnn flavoring.Pre-measured ..


Round Hard Candy Mold 2 1/2"

Each piece is 2½" Diameter x ¼" Depth 3 cavities per mold. Suitable for hard candy and c..


Round Hard Candy Mold 2"

Each piece is 2" Diameter x ¼" Depth 5 cavities per mold. Suitable for hard candy and co..


Silicone Gummy Bear Mould (Twin Pack)

Create adorable, fun-sized bear candies with our food-grade silicone molds together with the Loran..


Silicone Gummy Worm Mould (Twin Pack)

Create eye-catching, cute and crawly gummy worm candies with our food-grade silicone molds. T..


Skull Sucker Hard Candy/Chocolate Mold

Each skull sucker is 1¾" x 2¼" x ½"6 cavities per moldSuitable for hard candy and cookie making..


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