Dahlia Petal Veiner (White)

 White Ball Dahlia Petal Veiner by Simply Nature Botanically Correct Products, was created by..


Rose Petal Veiner

Rose Petal Veiner by Simply Nature Botanically Correct Products, was created by Jason Dontz and Je..


Vintage Embossing Silicone Mold Mat

The Vintage Mat is one of our most versatile and best selling mats and we've now made it even bigg..


Toucan Silicone Mold

The Toucan Mould is one of our New Tropical Collection of moulds and has great detail measures app..


Grass Skirt - Hawaiian Silicone Mold

Perfect for your Tropical or Lua themed cupcakes, cookies and confections . The Grass Skirt Mou..


China Rose Embossing Silicone Mold Mat

China Rose is our newest Embossing Mat design  and measures 88mm diameter After Embossing ..


Daisy Puff Moulds - set of 3 Silicone Mold

Our Daisy Puff Moulds make a cute addition to any cake or cupcakes and are very simple to use.  ..


Christmas Presents Silicone Mold

These Christmas Parcels complete with pretty bows will look so cute on cupcakes, cookies and other f..


Poodle Silicone Mold

This lovely little poodle would look so cute on your Parisian themed cupcakes and cookies . Mea..


Parrot Silicone Mold

This highly detailed Parrot Mould is perfect for all your tropical themed confections . Measures ap..


Palm Tree Silicone Mold

Who wouldn’t love to be sitting under one of these right now - and even better with a cocktail ???? ..


Bow - Medium Silicone Mold

The Medium Bow mould measures approx 4.75 x 3.25cmImported from UK..


Malli Embossing Silicone Mold Mat

Introducing the stunning Malli (meaning flower) Embossing Mat  The mat measures approx 88mm di..


Majestic Embossing Silicone Mold Mat

Our latest embossing Mat has been named Majestic by one of our customers and I think it suits the de..


Victoriana Jewel Brooch Silicone Mold

The Victoriana Brooch Mould adds a vintage touch to any sweet confection, from cakes, cupcakes, cook..


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