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Finish your cakes in festive style this holiday season with the Bells and Bows Cake Lace Mat.

This Christmas themed edible lace mat features designs including: bells, bows, holly, stars, and baubles as well as two full strips of lace in different sizes to wrap around the tiers of cakes.

For use with Cake Lace

Made In and Imported from England

Lace Strip 1 35cm x 9cm

Lace Strip 2 36.5cm x 5cm

Bell 5cm x 7cm

Large and Small Bow 6cm x 4cm and 5cm x 3.5cm

Holly Leaf 2.5cm x 3cm                 Holly Berry 1cm                     Triple Berry 2cm x 2cm                 Star 6cm             Bauble 4cm x 6.5cm


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