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FMM Baby Feet
These easy to use Baby feet cutters are great to decorate cupcakes or cake pops. Size 10mm &a..
FMM Bow Scallop Cutter
These unique cutters enables you to both cut the disc for the top of your cupcake and also the de..
FMM Cloud Cutter
This set of five fluffy cloud cutters by FMM Sugarcraft has been designed to have many uses T..
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FMM Cool Christmas Cutter Tappit
This Tappit cutter set is an essential tool for anyone who is making a Christmas or festive theme..
FMM Cute Car Cutter Set
Create a selection of cars in fun and vibrant colors. The car is ideal as a cake topper and can a..
FMM Cute Farm Animals Tappit
This Tappit cutter set is an essential tool for anyone who is making animals on a farm themed cak..
FMM Easy Carnation Cutter
Make beautiful Carnation in seconds with the FMM Easy Carnation Cutter! Perfect for giving ca..
FMM Easy Peony Cutter
These cutters have been designed to make the easiest and quickest sugar peonies ever! Create ..
FMM Easy Rose Cutter
Make beautiful sugar roses in seconds with the FMM Easy Rose Cutter! Perfect for giving cakes..
FMM Expressions Icons Cutter Tappit (Emoji)
This set of tappits is great for personalising a range of cakes, cookies, cupcakes and cake pops ..
FMM Fairytale Motifs Tappit Cutters
Create 4 different story book designs using the Fairytale Cutter from FMM. The designs featur..
FMM Hawaiian Flower Cutter
Set of three: approximately 1-3/4", 2", 2-1/2" Plastic Easy to clean and use ..
FMM Impression Mat 1 (Tree Bark & Brick)
FMM Tree Bark and Brick, can be used to decorate cakes and cupcakes making it easy to create inno..
FMM Love Curved Words Cutter
Add romantic decorations or create stand alone cake toppers using this curved words cutter by FMM..
FMM More than a Birdhouse - 4 piece Cutter Set
Fmm 4 piece food approved plastic cutter set that will create a bird house, greenhouse, dog kenne..