Hello and welcome to our site,

KitchenJukebox.com is actually our family.

My name is Tamara Akl I have always liked crafts, cooking and kitchen gadgets, but it was on my daughter's first birthday that while baking some cookies and a cake that I realized that I loved the kitchen life, theme parties and baking. Since then, it  became my passion.

I am a real "gadget lover", always looking for unique, rare but practical tools that make kitchen life easier and fun.

But looking for tools and utensils became a challenge since I could not find what I was looking for.
That’s how I got the idea of getting a web site together to show people what I find and to make it easier for others to purchase and make beautiful creations without spending a fortune.

Please enjoy the site and the range of products that we offer, we will be adding new inventory every week, new recipes and instructions.
Please feel free to email me and share with me your creations and recipes.

Please follow me on facebook for daily specials, new items, recipes and ideas. http://www.facebook.com/KitchenJukebox

Thank you for my daughter who is my inspiration every day.


Tamara Akl
Laval, Quebec